April 22, 2013

JOHN FUND: Putting Lipstick On The ObamaCare Pig: Even formerly enthusiastic Democrats now predict a “train wreck.” “Indeed, the facts today are that Obamacare remains as unpopular now as when it was passed in 2010, and Democrats are increasingly worried it will return to haunt them in the midterm election next year, the first to take place after the stepped-up implementation of the law. Reporters at the Cook Political Report, a respected Washington watcher of election trends, noted this month that ‘almost all’ of the Democratic insiders they talked to ‘voiced concern about the potential for the issue to hurt Democrats in 2014.’ At no point since its passage has Obamacare been viewed favorably by more than 45 percent of voters, and the latest Kaiser Family Health Foundation poll pegs its nationwide support at only 37 percent.”

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