April 9, 2013


David Corn at Mother Jones has lots of audio clips and transcript, but he doesn’t tell us who made the tape and gave it to him. Surveillance on a political campaign? If that’s not bad, should we revise our opinion about the Watergate burglary?

Corn would like us to think he’s got material that’s quite nefarious, because “McConnell and his aides considered assaulting Judd for her past struggles with depression and for her religious views.” But doesn’t every campaign brainstorm about everything that could possibly be used?

No, that’s not the right comparison. Corn presumably isn’t the bugger, but is like whatever sympathetic (or duped) journalist they would have peddled the discoveries from the Watergate bugs to, if that plan had worked. But that raises other questions:

Either this kind of bugging is acceptable or it’s not. I’m surprised Corn went forward with it when the material isn’t even shocking. It’s actually quite bland… in comparison to what I assume is batted around within all the various campaigns as they decide how to attack opponents. Can we get transcripts of all that crap? I’d love to blog it.

Suddenly, I realize why Corn may believe this material is worth printing: These are attacks on a sweet and pretty lady. Corn’s decision to publish is — ironically — evidence of sexism.

Politics ain’t beanbag, we’re told — at least when the “sweet and pretty lady” is Sarah Palin.

Plus, from the comments: “I’d like to hear secret tapes of what Ashley Judd says about America, Americans, and Kentuckians. McConnell’s campaign was only looking at material SHE put out for public consumption.”

MORE: A reader emails: “So is Corn for the LA times releasing the Khalidi tape?” Heh. I bet I know the answer.

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