April 9, 2013

BAD NEWS FOR SHRINKS, GOOD NEWS FOR SHOE SALESMEN: More than half of Americans turn to retail therapy to lift their mood. “What triggers one to seek retail therapy? One out of five (nearly 19 percent) participants said to improve their mood after a bad day at work, followed by more than 14 percent who shop after bad news and more than 12 percent who do so after a fight with a significant other.”

On the other hand, maybe the news for shoe salesmen is bad, too: “More than half (66.6 percent) of the participants also said that online shopping provides better retail therapy than physical shopping. Reasons included not having to leave the house (43.7 percent), more convenient (42.6 percent), not having to drive (37.9 percent), wider range of stores to browse (30.8 percent), and not having to lug purchases home (25.7 percent).”

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