February 28, 2013

JIM TREACHER: The Bob Woodward story isn’t important. That’s why liberals and the media (PTR) are losing their minds over it.

Related: Remember: They’re not attacking Bob Woodward because they think he’s lying. They’re attacking him because they think he’s telling the truth.

UPDATE: Pattern and practice: Lanny Davis: Obama White House Threatened Washington Times Over My Column.

Well, thuggishness is their style. Nice to see it getting reported, at least.

MORE: All The President’s Thugs.

Plus: David Freddoso: If you don’t want to be badmouthed, stop saying things unhelpful to our president.

MORE STILL: Politico has the emails.

John Podhoretz comments: “It would take a great semiologist to unpack the false professions of friendship and anger and source protection here.”

Stephen Green: “Already, day and night, the producers and crew at NBC News are deceptively editing old video to make it appear as though it were Woodward who ordered Alderaan to be destroyed, and right after Rachel Maddow had told him everything he wanted to know, too.”

STILL MORE: Deep Threats: “Who thinks this will end well? The White House’s escalating war with Bob Woodward has major ramifications for all involved — not least the president whom Woodward believes wouldn’t approve of his own aides’ tactics. President Obama has chosen to make two major points in the sequester stand-off: That the pain is going to be awful, and that it’s all Republicans’ fault. Woodward calls the latter into question, with the reporting he’s decided to aggressively and publicly defend. As for the former, with Mayor Michael Bloomberg giving a rhetorical eye-roll to the White House, and Education Secretary Arne Duncan on record exaggerating about teacher pink slips that haven’t been issued, let’s just say credulity is being strained.”

USA Today: “All we can say is: We know more than a few reporters have received similar e-mails from White House officials. Yelling has also been known to happen.”

YET MORE: Ron Fournier: Yeah, I Got the Abusive Treatment From the WH and the Same ‘You Will Regret This’ Threat.

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