September 28, 2012

I TOLD YOU MY POSITION WOULD SELL: Poll: 79% Say All Americans Should Pay Income Taxes. Even 71% of Democrats agree. #Reynolds2016. Related: The Fiscal Costs of Nontaxpayers. “Aside from the revenue impact of not having 58 million Americans pay income taxes, economists worry about the social and political effects of having so many people disconnected from the cost of government—a phenomenon known as fiscal illusion. The concern is that when people perceive the cost of government to be cheaper than it really is, they will demand ever more government benefits because they either don’t feel the cost directly or believe that others will be paying those costs.”

And here’s secret video of me expounding on this theme at a high-level conclave.

Oh, also, we should make Hollywood pay its fair share! Someone should poll that, next.

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