Stefanie Cutrona is a student in her third week at Red River College’s Creative Communications program. She stepped up when somebody at the FP thought it would be a great idea to ask what students looking to enter the profession thought when they saw newspapers laying off their youngest staffers. It was a great idea.
But 19-year-old Stefanie never imagined the backlash that would be unleashed when she gave her honest opinion. She still may not realize that it all stemmed from her very first sentence: “I don’t read the paper.”

Read the whole thing — on whatever electronic device you use to get your news and opinions. And note the conclusion:

“These layoffs only further reinforce the sentiment that journalism is a dying profession, instead of reinforcing what it should be: that it is an evolving one.” wrote Stefanie Cutrona.
What will that evolution look like?
Perhaps the answer lies with one of Canada’s most famous thinkers, a media philosopher with a Winnipeg connection. None other than Marshall McLuhan.
Not his most famous dictum, that “the medium is the message.”

But his other observation which we paraphrase as “when one technology supercedes another, the older technology becomes an art form.”

It’s not a coincidence that newspapers already have their own museum/mausoleum in which to be entombed.

(H/T: SDA)