August 15, 2012


Remember, we ended a career on “Macaca.”

This is my thought on hearing Biden and the response and I’m angry and disgusted.

And, while I’m at it; when Sadly,No and Truthout dedicated 6+ months to Valerie Plame’s “outing” I gave them the benefit of allowing their concern was the integrity of our security. But now when multiple meaningful leaks occur, crickets. Well, Fuck ’em all.

Yeah, to give people the benefit of the doubt, there has to be doubt.

Related: Obama: Race-Baiting Comments I Put Biden Up To Were Taken Out of Context. Has the Biden under-busing begun?

And reader Tom Kennedy writes: “No one in Delaware says y’all, ever, and yes I’m including ‘lower, slower’ Delaware in this. It’s dizzying to reflect that Biden, a bigot and a fool, is there to make up for Obama’s inadequacies”

UPDATE: Videos: Black Leaders Say Biden’s ‘Chains’ Comment was Insulting to Blacks and All Americans. Including this: “The good news is that Obama-Biden’s campaign of hate isn’t fooling anyone. Former VA Gov. Doug Wilder went on Fox today and also called Biden out. Wilder says that slavery is ‘nothing to joke about.'”

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