August 11, 2012

IT’S ROMNEY-RYAN 2012. “Ryan puts the national debt front and center in the election, on par with or maybe even ahead of jobs. This is a winner of an issue, it’s what motivated people in 2010, and it will cause huge turnout.”

Related #GiveUSRyan — the hashtag that changed history.

Also: “Why @PaulRyanVP rattles Obama: he is a direct, crisp intellectual challenge to the entitlement state.”

UPDATE: Byron York: Romney Goes Bold.

Here’s a bunch of Paul Ryan video. Here’s one:

And on the day Ryan was picked, it’s worth pointing out that we’ve gone 1200 days now without a budget.

And here’s more on Paul Ryan from Investors’ Business Daily.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Jim Geraghty: 2010-2012: When Wisconsin Took Over America’s Politics.

Matt Lewis: 5 notable points about Paul Ryan’s selection as Romney’s running mate.

Also, thoughts from Ira Stoll.

And Roger Kimball writes: The comeback team (or why Romney will win by a landslide).

The man who has added more than $5 trillion to the federal debt, who is running an annual deficit of some $1.4 trillion, who has burdened American business with a nightmare of stifling regulations, who has squandered hundreds of billions of dollars on failed “green” energy initiatives and non-stimulating “stimulus” packages, who has insinuated government into the private sector in blundering unproductive and fiscally ruinous ways and foisted on an unwilling public the horror of ObamaCare—that chap is going down and going down in a landslide.

Nice veep choice, kid. Don’t get cocky.

MORE: Liz Peek: Ryan Choice Good for the Country and Good for Romney.

MORE STILL: The racist attacks have already started: Liberals point out that Paul Ryan is a white guy.

Meanwhile, reader John Perkins writes: “How long will it be before the MSM writes a snarky article about Romney and Ryan being like two young Mormon missionaries coming to your door. I mean, can Maureen Dowd even resist?” Well, if anyone uses this now, I’m charging them with plagiarizing John Perkins.

Also: Roger Simon: Romney’s Gutsy Choice.

Plus: Jennifer Rubin: How Ryan Got The Job. “Romney is above all else a problem-solver, a doer and a fixer. Ryan, likewise, is a policy maven who has since 2007 been trying to advance budget, tax and health-care reforms, moving the Republican Party to become the champion of market-based reform. Ryan is a smart man, certainly the smartest in Congress, with an eye for detail and a facility with numbers. Romney prizes brains, precision and the ability to wield numbers. Ryan uses a scalpel, not a sledge hammer in skewering his opposition; Romney likewise uses piles of data to slay his competitors (as he did in the Florida and Arizona GOP primary debates). Ryan is personally and professionally disciplined, a straight arrow with a gee-whiz brand of optimism. Romney is as well. . . . The left will be effusive about the opportunity to renew Mediscare. But the Ryan team has been fighting that fight for some time and is perfectly willing to engage President Obama, who has heckled but not lead on entitlement reform. Who better than Ryan to take on the president while Romney sails above the fray?”

And: Steve Hayward: “Ryan wants to have an adult conversation with America about the looming insolvency of the welfare state, and he has a serious plan to fix it. . . . I suspect Ryan is one of the few Republicans Obama genuinely fears; after all, Ryan schooled Obama in Obama’s faux-‘health care summit’ early last year. (Obama does not look pleased in the video.) David Brooks reports, by the way, that Obama never picks up the phone to try to talk with Ryan.
Ryan is not simply fearless about the issues, he also gets the larger picture, and can talk about the larger picture.”

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