March 29, 2012

#MEDIAMATTERSFAIL: WaPo: This Rush Limbaugh boycott has pretty much fizzled, huh?

Meanwhile, I suspect that those people who dropped HBO for a Roku Box over Bill Maher won’t be coming back, because the alternative is better.

UPDATE: Reader Kirby Angell writes: “I was at the cable store dropping all of the movie channels, but I told them I specifically wanted to drop HBO because of Bill Maher and objectionable content. Then I found out if I got a new cable modem I could get a faster internet connection. Yesterday the cable guy was out with the new modem and while testing it he said ‘lots’ of people were dropping cable service and going with streaming only. He said he would drop it at his house but there was one show he would miss and that’s the only reason he keeps it. I’ve never seen Game of Thrones which he would miss, but I love Walking Dead and would still wait until I can stream it at my convenience than pay for cable. Soon the cable companies’ only product may be the pipe.”

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