March 26, 2012

HOT MIC ALERT: Obama to Medvedev: I’ll totally cave on missile defense in my second term if Putin will give me “space.” “Obama won’t share these plans with the American people. However, he’ll share them with the Russians, and ask for their help in influencing the election. . . . What other nations has Obama asked for ‘space’ on American foreign and national-security policy so that he can win a second term? And what American interests is Obama willing to trade for that ‘space’?”

Related: President Hot Mic can’t wait for a second term (Update: The bigger question): “Notice how the Obama captured when he doesn’t think he is being recorded is so differenct from campaign Obama. The ‘bitter clinger’ remarks and the Netanyahu put-down are the most memorable. And there are the hot mic sound bites which the media won’t release, like CBS refusing to release the full audio of Obama’s comments about Paul Ryan, and the LA Times holding back the Khalidi tape. The most recent hot mic is in many ways the most important, because it demonstrates once again that unrestrained by the need for reelection, Obama is going to go to town.”

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