March 5, 2012

WHO NEEDS CHEAPER GAS? Energy secretary says more alt-fuel options are better than gas-price drop. I certainly noticed the increase in gas prices filling up on the way to DC and back over the weekend. I paid between $3.89 and $3.99. That made the round trip cost about $140 to $150, about twice what it was not too long ago. Given that I drive a hybrid, and that I can afford higher gas prices better than most, I predict that these prices are going to hurt tourist destinations if they persist into the summer.

UPDATE: I just mentioned to a colleague that we made unusually good time on the drive because there wasn’t much traffic, and he pointed out that this is probably because gas has gotten so expensive. “I love $4 gas!” he exclaimed, because he can afford it and it keeps the roads empty. So there’s a slogan for you: The Obama Energy Policy: Clearing The Roads For Fatcats!

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