February 29, 2012

JAMES TARANTO: Unthinkable Thoughts: How feminism deforms intellectual culture.

When a decent young man professes a desire to marry an old-fashioned girl and take financial responsibility for his family, Yoffe treats him as a deviant. She denounces him as “sexist” even though he is careful to affirm that women have every right to work outside the home if they choose to do so. He mentions nothing about politics, yet she feels compelled to bring Santorum, the feminists’ Emmanuel Goldstein, into the mix.

Yoffe’s hostility to this young man tells us more about elite culture than it does about her personally. (We’ve met her, and she’s perfectly pleasant.) By his account, his female classmates have been indoctrinated with the same rigid ideas about “sexism” that Yoffe expresses in her response.

There’s probably a higher education bubble angle to this, too, somewhere. . . .

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