February 13, 2012

I MENTIONED COL. MARTHA MCSALLY THE OTHER DAY, and reader Kevin O’Brien wrote in:

don’t know Col. McSally and don’t have anything against her. She sounds like she’d be a good representative for the folks in AZ-8. (To be AZ-2 after the special election). But I’d like to see you mention another vet for the seat, State Senator Frank Antenori.

Frank is a Special Forces veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. In Afghanistan he was a member of Task Force Dagger, the 200 guys from 5th SF Group who (with their CIA counterparts) won the war before mission creep set in. In Iraq, he was at the Battle of Debecka Pass, where one SF ODA and a few straphangers held off a tank attack. He’s the real deal.

I’ve left his party identification till the end, but I’m not really the Associated Press, I’m just pretending, because Frank’s a proud Republican. He’s rock solid on national defense and on 2nd amendment issues, as you might expect for an SF guy.

His book is not the usual campaign speech collection, it’s one of the best first person memoirs of the Iraq war. I live in New Hampshire and the representative of that district in sunny Arizona will be chosen by the Arizonans themselves. And like I said, I have nothing against Col. McSally whatsoever, just want your readers to know that they have lots of good choices in the district.

Here’s his website. And thanks, Kevin!

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