BEYOND “BLAME BUSH:” Obama Adds Bill Clinton To List of Those to Blame for Lousy Economy.

All Obama’s trying to do here is give himself a bigger excuse for the fact that his own policies have completely failed. After all, how can anyone expect him to produce strong growth after decades of economic mismanagement?

“I’ve always believed that this was a long-term project,” Obama told CBS’s Steve Kroft, and that it “was gonna take more than a year. It was gonna take more than two years.”

The problem is that, once upon a time, Obama was saying pretty much the exact opposite. Examples:

• On Feb. 2, 2009, Obama told the “Today Show” that “a year from now I think people are gonna see that we’re starting to make some progress,” and that “if I don’t have this done in three years, then there’s going to be a one-term proposition.”

On Feb. 12, 2009, he predicted that his $830 billion stimulus would “ignite spending by businesses and consumers” and unleash “a new wave of innovation, activity and construction … all across America.”

• On Feb. 26, 2009, Obama’s first budget projected that by 2011 the economy would be cooking ahead at 4% real GDP growth, with unemployment at 7.1% and falling fast.

• On Feb. 7, 2010, he said “we are seeing the corner turn and the economy growing again.”

• On June 4, 2010, Obama claimed the “economy is getting stronger by the day” and later that month said the recovery was “well under way.”

It was only when the agonizingly slow pace of the recovery became obvious to everyone that Obama started pleading for patience and looking for someone or something else to blame.

President It’s-not-my-fault!