November 21, 2011


Brian Leiter’s feelings of inadequacy.

Emails: Dem lobbyist for LightSquared sought meeting at White House.

Census Startled By Numbers of “Near Poor” Under Obama.

The Kerrys’ Curiously Well-Timed Stock Trades. Plus, is Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) the luckiest investor in America? I think Peter Schweizer is right.

What is James Hansen doing with an $8000 Rolex? And what’s its carbon footprint?

Advice for those buying New Hampshire radio ads.

Potemkin Protest: Potemkin Village: Ezra Levant took an infrared camera down to Occupy Toronto and discovered nearly all the tents are empty.

Related: OWS Organizers Occupying Luxury Hotels. “I don’t do tents.”

Stephen Hawking: Human Survival Depends On Space Colonies.

NASCAR Crowd Boos Michelle Obama.

Spain’s Socialists Lose In A Landslide.

Some actual “smart diplomacy” on China?

AP Airbrushing Democrats’ #Occupy Endorsements?

Top 100 Gift Ideas.

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