ANN ALTHOUSE: Adam Serwer doubles down on race after WaPo played its embarrassingly weak race card on Rick Perry.

Cain showed an insufficient concern about accuracy, to the point where Amanpour had to prompt him about the facts. He was helping WaPo propagate its meme about Perry, southerners, and racism. To give him a pass on that because he’s “a man with the living memory of what life was like for black people in the segregated South” — as Serwer put it — is patronizing. I doubt very much that Herman Cain wants that kind of special treatment. But, of course, it isn’t really any kind of caring concern for this man and his painful memories. It’s one more application of the template: Republicans have a race problem. Serwer is happy to perform that service. How’s that for postracial?

Or is “How’s that for postracial?” — Serwer’s question, above — a taunt only to be aimed at Republicans? Democrats want to keep playing the race card game, right? Oh, I don’t know. I seem to remember a presidential candidate back in 2008 making us feel that we were about to move into the postracial era. Was I only dreaming?