January 4, 2011

DEALING WITH INVASIVE SPECIES by eating them. Space aliens take note — you could be fodder for “invasivores.”

Plus, a blog. And hunting for lionfish. “Lionfish don’t give ground to much of anything. Watch how it sits right there in front of its crevice even as a diver is right in front of it and thrusting a spear at it. The lionfish has venomous spikes sticking out all around the front of it. An array of hypodermic needles that will either kill or badly hurt almost anything that decides to pick a fight. While that behavior illustrates one of the reasons why lionfish have been able to quickly dominate this habitat (lack of natural parasites in the Atlantic is probably another reason), it also comes in real handy when you are hunting them. They won’t generally spook off unless you injure them with the spear.”

End result: “The lionfish tasted really good. . . . The texture is superior to Chilean sea bass and I think that lionfish represent a viable alternative to much of the ill-gotten Chilean sea bass that is on the market today.”

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