November 2, 2010

ANN ALTHOUSE: “MSNBC is hilarious. They’re near meltdown. Rand Paul will destroy America. The Republicans ‘salivate at the thought’ of worldwide economic collapse.”

UPDATE: Reader David Shorrosh writes:

I’ve been watching the MSNBC election coverage to see how they present the results, and I have to say it is kind of incredible — the smugness and open hostility to what they are reporting is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. If this is typical of how the MSM and the left handle the events of the day, it’s only going to get worse for them.

They’re ignoring the Democrat’s losses and focusing on the destruction about to be unleashed by the Tea Partiers. Larry O’Donnell is literally saying Senator-elect Rand Paul poses a direct threat to the US credit rating and global economy because he said that government debt is a drag on the US economy, and a vote on the debt ceiling is coming up.

It’s almost like watching the three or four unpopular nerds console each other with witty insults against the popular kids having a great time at a party they weren’t invited to.


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