HOW ABOUT THIS? Carnahan Confirms Powers Firebomb Story. “Rep. Russ Carnahan confirmed that former staffer Chris Powers was the individual who ‘firebombed’ his campaign office, not tea party activists as some in the local media had reported.”

Jim Hoft had this story earlier and it seemed so incredible that I held off for confirmation. Then again, when the “anti-muslim attacker” in NYC turns out to be a pro-mosque worker, anything is possible. And can we have some apologies, please? Once again, violence for which the Tea Party is blamed turns out to come from the left.

More from Jim Hoft here.

And not seeing anything about this story over at TalkingPointsMemo, though Hoft reports that Powers blogs there under the name “Ripper McCord.” Good grief.

UPDATE: More on this from Moe Lane:

It’s also interesting that TPM – and the rest of the quote-unquote ‘A List’ of the netroots – didn’t really cover this story in the first place. Were they tipped off? I mean, Powers could have told Josh Marshall, and Marshall could have passed this around to whatever they’re using in place of Journolist these days, and a thousand angry screeds would die a-borning…

Well, who knows — but the suspicion is understandable in light of past conduct.