July 10, 2010

WE HAD “BROWNBAGGERS” — FAIL. We had the “Coffee Party” — Fail. (And there was the “Other 95%” — not even enough of a splash to call it a failure!) Now it’s the “One Nation movement.” “Now, to be fair, One Nation is different from the Coffee Party. The Coffee Party was an attempt to copy the grassroots approach of the Tea Party movement. Phony. But attempted. One Nation is a top-down effort. It’s hard to see how it’s much of anything at all other than a cry for attention.” Or distraction.

I wonder, however, how much research went into the name . . . .

UPDATE: A reader writes: “Though this also pops to mind: Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Nation, ein Führer.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Eric Thompson writes: “Don’t forget the eminently forgettable ‘A New Way Forward’.” Ah yes, with the miserable failure at imitating Tea Party protests. Good times, good times . . . .

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