IF SOMEBODY DID THIS ABOUT OBAMA it would be a national scandal and evidence of America’s incurable bigotry. But since it’s an artist named Wafaa Bilal and it’s about Bush it’s just “confrontational art:”

An artist’s video game that is being exhibited at a free-speech exhibit in Chicago challenges players to kill the president. The video game is part of a “confrontational art” exhibit by Chicago-based artist Wafaa Bilal.

In the 3-D game, “The Night of Bush Capturing; A Virtual Jihadi,” players are sent on a mission to kill President George W. Bush.

Bilal, 42, said his art is a personal attempt to deal with the deaths of citizens in the country of his birth. The artist said his brother died in Iraq in 2004 from a U.S bomb.

In an earlier age, this kind of thing would have been considered unacceptable enemy propaganda. On the other hand, this is just more proof that all the lefty bleating about George Bush’s fascism is just self-indulgent — and utterly dishonest — twaddle.

Meanwhile, Roger Kimball, et al., are pondering the real threats to free speech, an issue not confronted by the “confrontational art” community, where confrontation tends to be limited to those who don’t “confront” back.