Humphrey Bogart never said, “play it again, Sam,” Captain Kirk never uttered, “Beam me up, Scotty” — and John McCain never promised a hundred year war! . . . Of course, this lie isn’t just spreading itself. The fact that Barack Obama and Howard Dean continue to intentionally mischaracterize John McCain’s statements — and mislead the public — obviously creates a level of difficulty that may other misquoted victims haven’t had to confront.


UPDATE: Other media mythmaking, more to McCain’s benefit, explored at today’s — well, actually it’s yesterday’s — Daily Howler.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader David Cavalier emails:

On this note, George Bush also never said that God told him to invade Iraq, although I hear this all the time when I am in Europe.

Also, George Bush never refused to sign Kyoto, as you constantly point out. Again, when I am in Europe I have to explain over and over that the U.S. Senate voted unanimously against the treaty when Bill Clinton was president, but never let the truth get in the way of a good ol’ Euro Bush Bash.