If you believe the left’s theories about hegemony and hierarchy in education, you’d have to conclude that when the Dean and 80% of the faculty send such an email to students, it sends a signal to those faculty and students who support either the Solomon Amendment and/or “don’t ask, don’t tell” that their views are marginal and illegitimate. It tells students and faculty of the right “what their elders and betters want” and that “they’ve got to kiss ass and toe the line.”

Obviously, I’m not suggesting that faculty should hide their political views under the proverbial bushel (well, duh!). I am suggesting that collective actions by faculty on controversial political issues needs to be undertaken with great care. I’m also suggesting that there is a double standard among many law school faculty who somehow manage to simultaneously bring this sort of pressure on students while embracing the left’s theories of hegemony and power in education.

Indeed. But that sort of pressure is just to encourage them to do the right thing and think the right thoughts.

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