THE NASHVILLE TENNESSEAN has published a list of CCW permit holders.

SayUncle is contacting their advertisers to complain.

UPDATE: Uh, oh. Now they’re getting pushback from Nashville talk-radio guy Steve Gill: “I bet they would freak out if we used the voter rolls and other public data to publish the home addresses of their reporters and editorial staff. After all, there are some nutcases who might try to do them harm if they knew where they lived and didn’t like what they wrote in their paper. But that would be irresponsible, wouldn’t it?”

This is no more a nasty attempt at intimidation than what the Tennessean has done. But I think that they’ll find this strategy unwise in an Internet age. What’s more, this is likely to encourage a talk-radio campaign designed to harm the Tennessean economically, something that it’s in no position to want. (Heck, it looks like it already has.) Wiser heads should have prevailed.