My theory involves a disgruntled Beethoven fan at Homeland Security. . . .

(Link added later, as some weren’t getting it.)

UPDATE: Reader Joe Murphy emails:

Prof. Reynolds: I am also on the no fly list, even though I am a right-wing military contractor.. It comes with the territory of having an incredibly common last name. All it means is I have to check in personally and have my ID looked at; and that I am tabbed for “random” screening on a regular basis.

Even though I fly about 25 times a year, its a pretty small sacrifice compared to what our brothers and sisters overseas are going through!

Walter Murphy must be from the hysterical part of the Clan if he thinks this is directed at him personally. The airport agents and TSA folks manning the floor don’t have the slightest idea why someone is added to the list. And no one has any idea how to get off it!

That would seem to undercut Prof. Walter Murphy’s rather self-important claim that he’s being persecuted for his anti-Bush opinions. On the other hand, a dragnet that catches everyone named Murphy isn’t very impressive.