Seems to fit with Roy Blunt’s strategy: “Make the Democrats be Democrats.”

UPDATE: An amusing idea from Rich Galen:

Assume the GOP ends up with 203-or so-seats when all the recounts are over. And say all 203 of those Republican Members of the House were to tell Steny Hoyer that they feel his pain over the Pelosi/Murtha thing and they have decided to vote for him for Speaker.

If Hoyer went into the election for Speaker with 203 GOP votes, he would only need to find 15 Democrats who don’t like or trust Pelosi (not exactly a stretch) to get to the magic number of 218 – an absolute majority of the 435 Members – and Mrs. Pelosi would be a very important member of the House Appropriations Committee. Period.

Republicans could look the Popular Press squarely in the eye and say: “What higher level of bipartisanship can there be than crossing over the aisle to vote for the other party?”

I love it, but if the Republicans were that smart, they’d still have a majority . . . .