February 07, 2007

A NEW INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHT -- against religious defamation? When they start locking up imams who call for the murder of Jews, or call them "apes" -- or even proposing that those imams be publicly criticized and ostracized -- I'll believe they're serious.

In the meantime, I've got a different candidate.

UPDATE: More here from Ilya Somin. "In addition, the US and other liberal democracies should consider denying funds to the UN Human Rights Council (which is a strong supporter of the Defamation of Religion resolution, among other attacks on freedom of speech) and other international bodies that promote new international law norms that undermine freedom of speech and other civil liberties. The democracies of the developed world provide these bodies with the lion's share of their funding, and the power of the purse can be used to curb their depradations, even if it can't end them completely."