February 01, 2007


Oh, how I wish I hadn't switched to New Blogger! . . . I am now bursting with hate for Blogger. I hate hate hate New Blogger. After that last post, I tried to open the comments page and got an error message. I tried to open the blog in a different broswer and got a "Server Error." Trying to open a "Create Post" window went nowhere for the longest time. Getting to the blog has been taking way too long ever since the switch. Perhaps you've noticed.

You know, for months, I wasn't able to respond to the invitation to switch to New Blogger because it was not ready to deal with very large blogs like mine. (I have over 7,000 posts.) Well, I tend to think they still weren't ready. But now I've switched, and I'm in this Blogger hell. And I have no way to contact anyone at Blogger support. They've scrubbed the site of any reference to an email address where you might reach an actual person. And it was never -- as far as I know -- possible to contact anyone at Blogger, AKA Google.

I think I'll advise Helen to hold off on switching. And I'll note that Google's success depends on things working right, because if they don't, there's nobody to call, and they quickly transform from cute-but-big company to hated uncaring corporate monolith.