April 16, 2008

LIVEBLOGGING the Clinton / Obama debate.

UPDATE: More liveblogging here and here.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Josh Marshall liveblogged most of it, but wasn't impressed: "It's been genuinely awful."

MORE: John Podhoretz: "It’s clear this is Obama’s worst performance of the entire campaign, and judging from the pained expression on his face, he knows it." Plus this: "Early pulse-taking from Obama-centric blogs and bloggers indicates that Charles Gibson and George Stephanopoulos are in for a world of hurt over the next couple of days."

Video here and here.

And here's a postdebate discussion thread at TalkLeft.

And Freeman Hunt invokes Atlas Shrugged.

Best catch from Salena Zito: Obama considers Dick Cheney "wise?"

Finally, an endorsement Obama could live without. And a big roundup of reactions.