March 26, 2008

MATT WELCH MAKES A LIBERTARIAN CASE AGAINST MCCAIN, in The New York Times. "McCain is often mischaracterized as a politician without any identifiable ideology. But all of his actions can be seen as an attempt to use the federal government to restore your faith in ... the federal government. Once we all put our shoulder on the same wheel, there’s nothing this country can’t do."

UPDATE: Reader Charles Martin emails:

I can see a libertarian case against McCain, but you go to an election with the candidates you've got. Does Matt really think McCain would be *more* of a libertarian disaster than "It takes a village"/"We're doing it for your own good" Clinton or the "it would be a mandate, but it's a *voluntary* mandate" Messiah of Change?

Yeah, it's easier to make a libertarian case against McCain than to make a libertarian case for Clinton and Obama.

Of course, to be fair, the McCain angle is a natural for Matt.