January 26, 2008


Stephen Green has been drunkblogging the coverage and reactions.

UPDATE: Hillary takes second, leaving Edwards coming in third in the state of his birth. Probably because of Hillary's anti-Edwards robocalls.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Video and more.

MORE: Eric Scheie:

I Just finished watching Obama's speech. Once again, I have to say that he is a great orator, a speaker with the ability to inspire. The best rhetorician I have seen (my B.A. is in Rhetoric and I say this as a compliment) since Ronald Reagan. His appeal is wide ranging, and his sincerity is obvious. While I am skeptical that he can overcome the entrenched Clinton machine, anything is possible.

I'm very impressed at his ability to go for the jugular in a respectful manner. He nailed the Clintons on their bullshit, and their racializing, yet he did so without a hint of an ad hominem attack.

I like that: "his ability to go for the jugular in a respectful manner." We need more of that . . .