January 11, 2008

TAKE THAT, TROLLS! (CONT'D): Jonah Goldberg's book is now up to #8 #7 #6.

And, if you somehow missed it, our podcast interview with Jonah is here.

UPDATE: Reader Chris Nath emails:

I just went to the local Barnes & Noble where I found Keith Olberman's "Truth and Consequences" prominently displayed on a middle of the aisle table - impossible to miss. Curious, I went in search of Jonah Goldberg's book and where did I find it? A single copy languished on the bottom row of the current events rack with just the binding end of the book showing. Coincidence?

I'm sure. (Bumped).

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Steve L. emails:

I live in the East Bay (about 30 minutes from San Fran) I went to my local Barnes and Noble and was unable to find a single copy of the book. I asked customer service and was told that the store didn't bother to order any. Not only that, but the nearest *FIVE* Barnes and Noble stores had ordered a total of ZERO copies. I went down the street to Borders, saw them prominently displayed on the front table and bought 2 copies.

Good for them. And there's always Amazon. I wrote a column on this phenomenon a while back. And reader Chris Green writes:

The fact that (as Chris Nash's email suggests) certain booksellers are tucking Goldberg's book away in obscure places has probably boosted Amazon sales and the book's rating on Amazon.

Where else to you get the book if you can't find it at the bookstore?