December 20, 2007

WHERE DO I ORDER ONE? Toshiba's home nuclear reactor.

UPDATE: Reader M. Simon says he can't find any confirmation from Toshiba, and suggests that this is a hoax. Too bad, if so.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Dave Moelling emails: "The Toshiba mini reactor is for real. They’ve been having some discussions with remote towns in Alaska. It’s an updated version of the old Army mobile reactors from the 1950’s that were used in Greenland and Antarctica. The idea is to have a very stable, safe plant with a very long life without refueling. The real market is future industrial applications."

And reader Thomas Wunderlin of Arctic Green Energy writes: "This is decidedly not a hoax. The first installation is slated for Alaska. Here are a couple of links:" Link 1, Link 2.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Matt Szekely sends this 2005 New York Times report.