December 13, 2007

CIVILIZATION AT RISK: "So without any real standards, anyone has a right to declare himself or herself a journalist."

Yep. Which is pretty much how it works now. Journalism isn't a profession, it's an activity -- and often those who engage in it for a living act pretty unprofessionally. Or just write lame, self-serving columns.

UPDATE: A response from Chuck Simmins.


And Bill Quick comments: "Your reputation wasn’t murdered, dummy. It was a victim of suicide." And here's an intimation of an agenda:

This goes back to lobbying for H. R. 2102, now in the Senate. The bill would provide legal exemptions and a federal "shield law" for journalists, but only for "professional journalists." Anyone not making a living at journalism would not be covered. More here.

Next comes the push for licensing legislation. It's an attempt at establishing a monopoly protection act, and reserving freedom of the press for "professionals." Funny, I don't recall such an exclusion in the First Amendment--but that's what they'll claim as they go forward.

No doubt.

MORE: Hell, Big Media types can't even read money.