November 19, 2007

GUNS AND THE SECOND AMENDMENT: Since we may be hearing something on the subject soon from the Supreme Court, here's a link to my Guns and Gay Sex: Some Notes on Firearms, the Second Amendment, and "Reasonable Regulation," which I put up yesterday.

If you're interested in the subject generally, there's a survey of the topic in A Critical Guide to the Second Amendment, and a look at the practical consequences of taking a "states' rights" interpretation of the Second Amendment in The Second Amendment and States' Rights: A Thought Experiment. And, perhaps a bit further afield -- or perhaps not -- It Takes a Militia: A Communitarian Case for Compulsory Arms Bearing. Plus, a piece on the Miller case. And there's always this New York Times column from last year, A Rifle in Every Pot.

Lots more Second Amendment information can be found at the Second Amendment Law Libary. In particular, I recommend this short piece by William Van Alstyne. (Bumped to top).