October 24, 2007

DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? I suspect the soldier's substitution of "Night Rider" for "Knight Ridder" was deliberate, a response to a pushy jerk.

UPDATE: Ouch -- check out the comments on the reporter's own blog.

ANOTHER UPDATE: A reader emails:

While reading the arrogant snotty Knight Ridder reporter blog, I couldn't help think THINGS MUST BE BORING FOR REPORTERS in IRAQ if they are reduced to blogging about airport like travel snags going in and out of the green zone a couple a times a day and using it only as a short cut at the same time being blase' about their paperwork?

Cemetery workers feeling the pinch, and taxi drivers who relied on morgue fares bummed out? Now reporters blogging about being so secure they aren't carrying around their proper papers at all times?

Things are looking UP!

Good point.

ANOTHER UPDATE: The entire reporter's blog is now returning a 404. Guess he took it down. Horse, barn door, and all that. The original post has been preserved for posterity elsewhere. But his bio is honest: "At last count, he also knows how to offend people in at least a dozen languages – the list is growing – although he can take part in civilized conversation in a mere handful."