October 18, 2007

THE REBECCA AGUILAR VIDEO has been taken down. I assume that KDFW sent its lawyers out, on the -- entirely correct -- theory that it was making the station look absolutely terrible.

But this is pretty much an admission, isn't it?

And Frontburner has a question.

Plus, this explanation: "Rebecca Aguilar has been suspended since this first aired, but how in the world did she watch this tape in the first place and not realize how horrible a person she appears to be? SarahK's theory is her producer hates her and made her run the segment to try and get her suspended."

And this: "Aguilar and the entire editorial staff at KDFW should be forced to take a two-day self-defense course at a local gun range. Hell, take a Concealed Handgun License (CHL) course and learn what responsible gunowners are really like. Of course they have to pass the criminal background check."

MORE: Dan Riehl received KDFW's rather thuggish takedown email.

If you'd like to share your views of KDFW's conduct with station management, their contact information is here. Please be polite.

I think that their behavior is very unwise, and is more likely to inflame the situation than to spare them further embarrassment. A public apology and a promise to do better in the future would make much more sense.