October 01, 2007

FAKE WAR HERO COMPLAINS about "fake soldiers" remark. Michelle Malkin notes a Tom Harkin blast from the past.

Really, you can't make this stuff up. Er, unless you're Tom Harkin. I noted back in 2004, the last time Harkin made this an issue, that the press was giving him a pass. Will it do so again? And why are the Democrats letting Harkin, of all people, get out front on this issue?

UPDATE: A military reader emails:

Yet another example of some folks who just need to get out more. While I can speak specifically for only myself, as a general rule, real soldiers can't stand soldiers who lie about their records. That the Democrats are willing to take the cause of fake soldiers to the Senate floor may please, but it certainly won't endear Harkin, et al, to the troops.

I don't think they're expecting many votes from that quarter anyway.