July 22, 2007

IS TURKEY ISLAMIFYING? Not so much, according to InstaPundit's Istanbul correspondent, Claire Berlinski, who writes:

Hi Glenn,

Does this look like Iran to you? David took these a few hours ago at the AKP headquarters in Istanbul. Lots of women in headscarves were dancing arm-in-arm with women who looked like this, lots of women were dancing arm-in-arm with men, and lots of people -- of all ages and both sexes and in various degrees of undress -- were dancing, period, which is hardly an activity commonly associated with Islamist tyranny. I felt completely welcome and comfortable even though I was wearing the shortest skirt in my wardrobe. I don't at all dismiss concerns about the AKP, and I think my credentials as someone who takes the rise of Islamic extremism seriously are well-established, but what I saw tonight was utterly benign. Here's a short video. It won't win any cinematography awards (I took it with my digital camera and the light wasn't good) but you can definitely see that this looks nothing like Iran. Again: This is the AKP headquarters.

The images do look pretty non-Iran-like to me.