June 16, 2007

OH. THAT'S what he meant? Huh.

UPDATE: Well, he wants to be noticed.

Meanwhile, Ace responds to feigned outrage from the Left, which I guess wants a monopoly on anti-gay slurs or something. "It doesn't particuarly bother me, but I do seem to notice that, when lefties decide to insult a political opponent, the 'fag' slur is always on the list of go-to put-downs. . . . Deal with it, get hip to the idea that there's one rule for all, not one rule for you and another for everyone else, and finally, please, do try to make some progress towards getting the fuck over yourselves."

It is kind of funny. First Greenwald calling me gay, now Firedoglake calling Lindsey Graham gay. Meanwhile, constant claims that the rightosphere is "homophobic." Hypocrisy, thy name is netroots.