June 13, 2007

MORE ON PELOSI AND THE JETS: "Pentagon officials are bracing for a fight with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) over her desire to allow lawmakers’ adult children to tag along on taxpayer-funded travel for free. Pelosi wants them to be able to fill the role of lawmakers’ spouses when the latter are unable to make a trip because of health issues or work commitments."

Can't these people fly commercial? Plus this:

Pentagon aides did not respond to requests for comment.

But taxpayer watchdog groups and ethics advocates said they were surprised Pelosi would seek more perks for members.

“One of the things she was praised for when she came in was her sweeping reforms on gifts and travel,” said Craig Holman of Public Citizen. “It is very disheartening if she is, in fact, backsliding on this.”

Backsliding seems to be the big theme of this Congress.

UPDATE: Reader Glenn Thomson writes:

Shouldn't most of the 'adult children' of lawmakers have real jobs? I can't imagine most of the people I've worked with being able to drop what they're doing and fly somwhere to help Mom/Dad with business.

"Real jobs." Such naivete is refreshing.