June 06, 2007

BRITTNEY GILBERT hangs up her keyboard in response to reader abuse. "I do not want to be seen as a victim here, I only want to honestly tell you why I will no longer be authoring NIT. Your host is simply not cut from strong enough cloth. This is the internet. People are vicious."

It's true, they are. But I suspect Brittney will be back, because the addictive nature of blogging is strong, too.

UPDATE: Oliver Willis emails:

You may want to (I know you probably won't) note that a lot of the vitriol got directed at Gilbert, right or wrong, after she linked and excerpted a mean dig at the recently deceased Steve Gilliard.

But I know you've got an agenda and a cause to push and all.

Hmm. I thought this was about the Bob Krumm / Kleinheider dustup. But since Brittney is an antiwar blogger who doesn't like me very much, I'm not sure what "agenda" and "cause" I'm pushing here. Better email Rove for instructions, I guess!

ANOTHER UPDATE: Oliver emails that it's actually about this post.

MORE: Bruce Hill wonders if Oliver and I have had a falling out. Well, I had high hopes for Oliver once, but since he went to work for Media Matters I think he's squandered his potential. Still, Oliver seems to care much more about my blogging than I do about his. But then, he's paid to, I guess.

MORE STILL: Various readers note that Oliver is in no position to criticize anyone for speaking ill of the dead. Basically, though, he went off half-cocked and made a fool out of himself, along with a lot of other lefty bloggers here.

But yeah, he's in no position to take a "have you no decency, sir" stance on, well, anything. People who work for David Brock seldom are.