April 08, 2007

APRIL SNOW in Richmond. I don't think it's really Al Gore's fault, though.

UPDATE: "Since when is 'Let it Snow' an Easter song?"

Does this cold weather disprove global warming? Nope. And hot weather this summer won't prove its existence, either. For that matter, no particular spell of weather proves or disproves any climate theory -- something that press reports tend to miss. Hence the fun in posts like these!

MORE: Apparently Al Gore's mysterious powers are shared by others. Can anyone acquire the coldening mojo? If so, a solution is in sight!

And here are some further thoughts on how the press handles the topic. In a word, badly.

MORE STILL: Ah, it is the "Gore Effect" at work, in a way, as the cold snap happened just as ABC News launched a series on global warming. If we can just harness this coldening power for good, who knows what we can accomplish?

STILL MORE: Global warming hits Cleveland.