March 18, 2007

SIGNS OF LIFE IN THE SECOND AMENDMENT: "The bad news for gun control advocates is that the Supreme Court may adopt an expansive view of the Second Amendment. The worse news is that's the least of their troubles."

UPDATE: Related thoughts here: "If the Supreme Court reverses the appeals court's ruling and upholds the D.C. gun law, states and localities will be empowered to treat the Second Amendment as the D.C. law does: as a nullity. This will bring the gun control issue -- and millions of gun owners -- back to a roiling boil. That is not in the interest of the Democratic Party, which is supported by most ardent supporters of gun control."

ANOTHER UPDATE: In light of the above, you'd think the Democrats would be moving to take the issue off the table before 2008.

MORE: Further thoughts, from Jonathan Gewirtz.