May 08, 2005


Given the pace of events over the past few years, I think this is a good thing. Though I may have to start blogging about cookware, or razors or something if things don't pick up.

Hmm. Maybe power tools!

UPDATE: Merv Benson writes: "Definitely power tools. Collect as many as you can, even if you don't use them that much. Your spouse should also be appropriately awed at what you can do with them, too." She understands her role.

Reader Robert Schwartz emails: "Digital Cameras!" (Only in 32-point boldface). I'll see what I can do.

I will note that I shot some video at the conference using the very inexpensive Sony still camera, and the results are pretty good. The video's going to my TCS column this week, but maybe I'll post an outtake or two just to illustrate the quality of the picture -- and, just as importantly, the sound.

UPDATE: Reader John Wixted emails:

The last time I had that feeling was early August, 2001. I was so bored that I was practically praying for some interesting, newsworthy event to happen. Now, I relish the absence of interesting news.

What he said. I'd rather write about lawn mowers. Or, as I was doing around that time, about who had the best abs at the Video Music Awards. (I thought it was Alicia Keys).

MORE: Foodblogger Kevin Weeks emails: "Go for the broad demographic -- power kitchen tools."

I like it!