February 22, 2005

HELEN, WHO WAS SUPPOSED TO BE DISCHARGED ABOUT 2, is now home, having been discharged a bit after 8. This was a paperwork issue -- as some people have observed: "So, paperwork takes time to fill out and you enter the world where everything seems to move like molasses (what happened to all that fast action you always see on ER? ... sue Hollywood)."

I went over there after my class, waited until I had to go pick up my daughter, then went back after dinner. More waiting.

But she's home now, propped up in bed checking her email on a laptop. She'll have 4-6 weeks to fully recover, but she's glad to be out of the hospital. So am I.

UPDATE: Docs hate the paperwork, too. The InstaWife, herself a health-care provider, of course, despises HIPAA.