November 05, 2004

ERIC SCHEIE isn't so sure that reality is what the "reality-based community" has a grip on.

UPDATE: Meanwhile at "reality-based" blog The Daily Kos, reality seems less important than, well, lying:

And thus, the biggest silver lining of this election is how the GOP's victory is thus far being claimed, framed and explained. To that I say, "Let us join that chorus." And we should do so now, because there is immediacy in the post-election window of opportunity.

Marching order #1, therefore, is this: No matter whom you talk to outside our circles, begin to perpetuate the (false, exaggerated) notion that George Bush's victory was built not merely on values issues, but gay marriage specifically. If you feel a need to broaden it slightly, try depicting the GOP as a majority party synonymous with gay-haters, warmongers and country-clubbers. Because I, for one, am tired of hearing whiny complaints from conservatives that, not only do I not have values, but that I fail to properly respect the values of people who are all too happy to buy into, no less perpetuate, inaccurate caricatures of the 54+ million Americans who voted Tuesday for John Kerry.

Criticizing the GOP ain't gonna build us a new national majority. But the process is brick by brick, or perhaps, brickbat by brickbat. We didn't decide the rules of engagement, but that's what they are and so we may as well start firing away.

This doesn't strike me as a very productive approach, but the post is certainly revealing.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reality: "Daily Kos raised more than $500,000 to assist the campaigns of fifteen candidates. None were elected." Ouch.

MORE: Further reality-based blogging, here.