September 26, 2004

A BUNCH OF PEOPLE ARE EMAILING ME about this article on political bloggers in today's New York Times magazine.

Yeah, it calls me a "conservative," but I've just about given up fighting that since to so many people "conservative" is just a synonym for "supports the war." (Me and Mark Hatfield! And Barack Obama!).

I think it's a pretty good article. Some people are unhappy that it focuses on the lefty bloggers, but that was the intent of the piece from the get-go, and it's been underway for a while -- I had a long conversation with the reporter a few weeks back -- and it's not as if folks like me and Andrew Sullivan and Mickey Kaus haven't had our time in the media spotlight.

UPDATE: A different perspective on the blogosphere here, from The Independent. And, weirdly, the Kos crowd seems to regard the New York Times piece as a "hatchet job against left-wing bloggers."

There's no pleasing some people.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Joshua Rovine emails:

One theory is that not only is Obama a conservative for suggesting the need to get rid of Iranian nukes, as you suggested, but maybe he is a nefarious neoconservative who, like his fellow Jews, cares only about helping Israel. Oops, he isn't Jewish. Oh well.

Hey, me neither. Another thing that Barack and I have in common!

Meanwhile Paul Seyferth emails:

I would call you a sober liberal, sort of a "classic liberal" with your shoes off and your pant legs rolled up. It's not your fault the Left made a muck of everything.

I do think that nominating Kerry was a mistake. And I suspect that it'll be an even bigger one if he wins, since he has no real base of support beyond the "anybody but Bush" crowd.

But though I think Kerry is probably beyond the point of credibly reassuring me on the war, I invite him to move left and join me in open support for gay marriage, drug legalization, and abortion rights without any of that "personally opposed but still in favor" weaseling.

MORE: Hugh Hewitt thinks the Times is trying to bring in blogger reinforcements:

It is a vast cry for help, a plea for reinforcements. The bloggers are inside the citadel, so call in the allied bloggers.

On the other hand a more -- or maybe just differently -- cynical reader thinks this is all about excuse-making, arguing that they're setting up the lefty bloggers for blame when Kerry loses. First Dean, then Kerry: It's all those lefty bloggers' fault! I suspect that in both cases, this is looking too deeply for agendas. But I could be wrong.

More thoughts here. And here, too.

And Yclipse says that the Times misunderstands the nature of the blogosphere.